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Tasting Kurobuta, the Wagyu of pork

Inquirer Lifestyle | By: Nicole Ortega 05:03 PM August 26, 2022 | Kurobuta, known as the Wagyu of pork is sought after by chefs for its tender juicy flavor and rich characteristics. These pigs are now locally produced in the Philippines. These black pigs are also known as pure Berkshire pigs, they are raised in a regimented farming method to which the farm strictly adheres.

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Batangas farm produces high-quality pork from their naturally-grown “happy pigs”

Manila Bulletin : Agriculture Magazine Special | By: Vina Medenilla | September 2, 2021| Esguerra Farms boasts a scenic view of animals grazing on a large expanse of pasture with Mt. Malarayat or Malepunyo in the background. But not only guests and farm people get to relax on it because even the farm pigs are provided with exceptional care and treatment by means of classical music, a steady water and food supply, a roomy pigpen, a paddock, and a mini swimming pool. 

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Kurobuta Pork Produced Locally

Philippine Star : The Peppermill | By: Pepper Teehankee | April 21, 2022 | 12:00am | The renowned Kurobuta pork of Japan is now locally produced in the Philippines. Kurobuta is a Japanese term that means “black pig” and used to designate only purebred Berkshire pigs raised according to a regimented farming method Esguerra Farms adheres to. Esguerra Farms in Lipa, Batangas, is the home to purebred Berkshire pigs raised locally on a sprawling farm, allowing them to roam freely with fresh air and lots of sunlight.

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