Tasting Kurobuta, the Wagyu of pork


Kurobuta, known as the Wagyu of pork is sought after by chefs for its tender juicy flavor and rich characteristics. These pigs are now locally produced in the Philippines. These black pigs are also known as pure Berkshire pigs, they are raised in a regimented farming method to which the farm strictly adheres.




They are naturally grown with no antibiotics or hormones and are fed a plant-based diet. They are not allowed to go under any stress and live in an environment that is comfortable and without the stench. A friend of mine joked that these pigs live better than him!




I have tried almost all their cuts and have featured them on my social media. I saved this last product for this article and it is their ready-to-cook porchetta. Have a box or boxes in your freezer and pull them out to whip up each time you have cravings or guests. Easy-to-follow instructions are on the sturdy box it comes in. Also, a box that’s ready to give as a gift.


They have all kinds of cuts for all your pork cooking needs. Delicious and clean pork at your fingertips.


By:  05:03 PM August 26, 2022

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Read more: https://lifestyle.inquirer.net/417147/tasting-kurobuta-the-wagyu-of-pork/#ixzz7gMMAwdPN
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